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4 mths

Downtown, San Francisco

Menacing email from Dick C. about tea time tomorrow. Is someone getting fired? #twitter

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Noe Valley, San Francisco 4 mths
@OriginalPoster what's so menacing about it. "You are required to attend a company tea meet. Please do not be late, it is very important that you're there early. Especially you."


South Beach, San Francisco 4 mths
Oh please they don't have balls to fire someone in public


Downtown, San Francisco 4 mths
@greengem Seems weird, more stern than usual as he doesn't usually reiterate that. Plus with the employee lockout thread drama last week anything could be said.


South Beach, San Francisco 4 mths
@OriginalPoster so how did it go?


Downtown, San Francisco 3 mths
It wasn't dramatic but a coworker threw a hissy fit about her stock package and cried in the bathroom the entire time.


Hayward Park, San Mateo 3 mths
Who got fired!??


Civic Center, San Francisco 3 mths
No one was fired.


Noe Valley, San Francisco 3 mths
I don't get why people get upset over stock packages. Except for "performance" bonuses, you always know what you're signing up for.